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Instruments We teach:

  • Guitar (Electric and Acoustic)
  • Bass Guitar
  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Drums
  • Singing/Vocals

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lesson-timesLesson Times

Lessons are taught in half hour sessions with one of our dedicated teachers.

We run lessons from 12pm-9pm Monday – Friday
We run lessons from 10am- 3pm Saturday

During school holidays, we also run group music clinics. Stay up to date with our events on Facebook or check out our Blog.

Lesson Costs

At Utopia we have a dedicated receptionist that looks after all lesson changes, catch up lessons and fees. This means that your teacher focuses on giving you a full half an hour of teaching with no interruptions.

Our lessons run in line with the public school term. We require a bond that is equivalent to one lesson to hold your time. When you no longer require lessons, it is refundable. Stopping lessons is never easy, we ask that you let us know a week in advance so that we can free up the time slot for another student. When you have paid your bond you are expected to come to your lesson each week.

Missed lessons must be paid for the next week, however, rather than paying for a lesson that you will never get, we offer two catch up lessons per term at a suitable time.

Lessons are payable each week, we do not expect you to pay for the whole term upfront. We offer credit/debit card and direct debit facilities. Cash is always acceptable. Guitar, Bass, Drum, Piano Keyboard and Music Appreciation half hour one on one lessons are $34.00. Vocal half hour one on one lessons are $36.00.

guitar-electric-acousticGuitar, Electric and Acoustic

One of the most popular instruments in modern music due to its versatility in different musical styles. An expressive instrument with the breadth to support other instruments. At Utopia Music we have teachers to suit a variety of styles.

Half an hour, one on one lessons are $35.00. We offer one free trial lesson!

bass-guitarBass Guitar

The bass is a lower tone electric string instrument in the guitar family. Typically, it has 4 thick strings. It is an excellent mix of rhythm and melody in an instrument. It plays a fundamental back-bone role in ensemble groups.

Half an hour, one on one lessons are $35.00. We offer one free trial lesson!


The piano’s versatility and ubiquity throughout music genre’s have made it one of the world’s most familiar musical instruments. The power of this acoustic instrument, along with it’s subtlety and dynamics make for terrific musical possibilities.

Piano half an hour one on one lessons are $35.00. We offer one free trial lesson!

drumsDrums/ Percusion

Drums are the core rhythmic element in popular music, but they were also the first musical instrument. Drummers use their entire body to make complex patterns made up of transient. thunderous sounds, or subtle, percussive textures. It’s always said that a band is only as good as it’s drummer, and there’s plenty of truth there…

Half an hour, one on one lessons are $35.00. We offer one free trial lesson!


Every one has a voice, improve your ability to project and communicate through song. At Utopia we teach the voiceology program “10 easy Lessons for Easy Singing” as we believe it is unparalleled.

Vocal half hour one on one lessons are $36.00. We offer one free trial lesson!