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Jacob NicastriJacob Nicastri


Jacob is the owner and founder of Utopia Music. Guitar has been his passion for over 14 years through performing and teaching. He has been teaching in the Narellan area for the past 12 years!

Jacob has performed on drums, guitar, bass and piano for several different bands and accompanied countless HSC students over the past decade. He is currently involved with teaching at several high schools in the Narellan area.

In 2010 he travelled through Italy playing and learning guitar and the following year ventured to Mali, Africa. Different cultures have a lot to offer in their approach and styles. By listening and engaging in various forms of music his skillset is constantly being developed and improved. One is always a student of music.

Rami SubhiyahRami Subhiyah


Rami Subhiyah is the Head Drum and Piano teacher here at Utopia Music and has been with us since the start. His wealth of knowledge in teaching music is truly astounding and we are very grateful  to have him as part of the team. Rami has over 16 years’ experience in teaching music to students of all ages, teaching in various schools and businesses across the Sydney area.

Rami Subhiyah started learning piano at the age of 7, and developed a passion towards music very quickly. At school he became involved in musical projects, playing clarinet and drums in school productions and other functions. In High School Rami started a band with some close friends performing regularly across Sydney. Rami began composing his own music from the age of 12 and has written or collaborated in writing over 70 songs, and developed skills in various other aspects of the music industry. Through composition he developed skills in music technology and production; eventually building his own recording studio. Rami has been involved in session work for recordings, compositions, and live performances for many different musicians.

Since high school Rami has been involved with over 20 individual bands or original music projects, playing piano, drums, guitar, clarinet, and cello. Some of the styles included punk, grid core, indie, modern rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, Latin, dance, jazz, and electronic. Rami has played in venues across Sydney and interstate, his most recent original project being drumming for “Diminish the Gods”. He has also been involved in performing with numerous cover bands and duos.

Rami is the owner of Box of Loud PA Systems. Box of Loud currently participates in providing audio equipment for charity and community events. In the future Rami’s aim is to extend his skills to weddings and festivals.


Isaac LewisIsaac Lewis


Isaac Lewis is one of our youngest but most passionate teachers, he started playing when he was 6 and has been performing live since the age of 11. Isaac has had many great teachers and was personally taught by owner of Utopia Music Jacob Nicastri from the age of 14. Isaac is well known on the Camden music scene for his Tommy Emanuel/ John Butler style acoustic playing. Isaac has made the leap from student to teacher and is proud to be apart of the Utopia Music Team.

James RankinJames Rankin